Friday, August 8, 2008

The ultimate school trip

"Mum, mum, I need to 18 dollars to go to China"


"My teacher says if I bring 18 dollars we are going to China."

I think to myself that this is a school trip that sounds like good value. Maybe I should read the letter.

"Have you got a letter?"

"No, Give me 18 dollars.....pleeeeeeeeeeeeese."

I think I better ring the school to find out what is really going on. Does he mean they are being sold into slavery? Does he mean a trip to the local Chinese takeaway?

So this morning I ring the school,

" Hi, mum of #3 here."

"Oh hi," a few commiserations follow, everyone knows #3 is the brother of #4. They look very alike and on more than one occasion #3 was left holding the bag for #4 until the school realised that the small child on the school roof was more likely to #4 than the placid #3. #4 says the school roof is ace, he went up there because some one else had got stuck after he dared them to climb up. He was going to rescue his friend but then someone shouted at him from the office so he climbed down. The school have since lopped of the tree branch that caused that little incident. #4 got down fine and disappeared into the crowd, but the firemen had to rescue his small friend. Back to the point.

" Is #4 sick?"....I feel guilty when I hear the barely disguised hope in her voice.

"No, its about #3"

" Awwww, he's not sick is he, poor little lamb." (Every-one loves #3, he is sweet, and being next to #4 helps him comparison wise.)

"No, no, It's just he says if I send 18 dollars into school he's going to China."


"I thought that might be a mistake? and if its not can I come as a parent helper?"

" I would think its a mistake, hold on."

" Ah, here we are, year four trip to China town, the letter is coming out tomorrow."

Oh well.

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slh35661 said...

I hope "China" has some wonderful food. And I am glad the trip to "China" will not be as long a flight as it usually would be over the Pacific Ocean. But #3 might be disappointed it isn't the real China. Maybe you can find a rock wall and have him walk the "Great Wall" for pretend?