Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Why do I work here?

I went back to work today after a weeks holiday. A weeks holiday with the children at school.....bad mother, but oh what bliss.

I went in , the eftpos was broken, the printer was broken, the dispensary looked like #1's bedroom (but I couldn't shut the door on it and walk away). Ah "Happy happy joy joy."

Mid morning the phone rang, and one of the girls answered, I overheard her say " Oh hi X". Now X is my phone stalker, he is a lovely man but he does like to talk to me, a lot, and after the morning I'd had I wasn't quite up to it. I knew he would ask if I was back from my holiday.

I madly waved at my colleague, saying in a low voice " Tell him I'm on holiday til tomorrow"

My colleague, " X, She says to tell you that she's on holiday til tomorrow." (I can feel the karmic wave as flows towards me now.)


Anonymous said...

Trying, very trying. Deep breaths now and it will all be fine....

Seriously, sometimes the stress of going back to work totally negates any benefits from the holiday!

Melissa Brown said...

On the upside, he might not call any more just to chat.

ALF said...

She did not say that. What the heck? Does she always suck that much?

slh35661 said...

This sounds like the making of a good sit com for tv. What shall we call it? Trials of a working mom?