Saturday, August 30, 2008

Phone calls from the other side...

A few good phone calls at work this week...

Caller: I want to know if you have my insulin.
Me: What brand is it?
C: My insulin
M: What is it called?
C: Do you have my insulin?
M: What is your name?
C: Why, I want my insulin?
M: So I can see which insulin you use and see if we have it.
C: I get five boxes at a time
M: Yes, but which insulin is it? We have many different brands.
C: Look, it's Mrs X here have you got my insulin or not? ( She sounds annoyed)
( I have a name, I check her history and the fridge.)
M: Yes, we have your insulin.
C: How much is it?
M: Five dollars.
C: For five boxes?
M: Yes, for five boxes, the same as you always pay.
C: So, have you got my insulin?
M: crackles paper next to phone....sorry I can't hear you...crackle crackle...we have your insulin...crackle crackle....just bring your prescription.

Oh gee....

Caller: Do you sell blood pressure machines?
Me: Yes we do, we have several different ones.
C: Oh, what are they.
M: There are ones that fit on your arm and ones for your wrist.
C: Your where?
M: On your arm, around the top, like at the doctor, or ones that go on your wrist.
C: Your arms and where?
M: Your wrist.
C: Where?
M: Your wrist, like a watch.
C: Where?
M: The bottom of your arm, near your hand.
C: Where?
M: They aren't very good, you need the one that goes on your arm.
C: Where?



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Jim Bessey said...

Oh man, those calls are just too funny. And I thought my phone conversations were annoying! So, where does it go again?? ;)