Saturday, August 9, 2008

Smiley Saturday

Just this morning I picked the first tomatoes of the year from my garden. Little bursts of red sunshine on my tongue. There would be photos but me and #3 ate them all. (There were only four ripe cherry tomatoes.) In about two weeks time I 'll be going, "Oh no not more tomatoes!", and if it gets windy Homer will be going, "Oh No! not more green tomato chutney"

Last week it was " How many chickens have we got? are you sure? cos there's a lot of eggs in here!" I still haven't worked out a way of preserving eggs except pickling them so I attempted a Cool Hand Luke approach..... (That is one of my favorite films, or rather the line " What we've got here is a failure to communicate" is one of my favourite film lines.)


storyteller said...

Ah ... my neighbor has tomatoes developing on her vines too. I miss the tomatoes my sister used to raise and pass along to me. I loved Paul Newman in Cool Hand Luke myself ;--)

Anonymous said...

The Archers have set up a swap thing - swap eggs for something someone else has got a surplus of in your neighbourhood (trouble is that might be something you don't want, like a temporary glut of children, or eggs).