Friday, August 1, 2008

Self improvement

In a reaction to the news that if I visit China I may be gender tested on the basis of my appearance I decided a bit of self improvement was in order.

The easiest quick hair. I read Milla's description of the dog scaring possibilities of home hair dye so decided to spend money on a professional job, at the hairdresser. It has taken me twenty years to find a hairdresser I trust (yes, twenty, if she ever emigrates I will have to follow her, be it to England or Ulan Bator ) and she has been nagging me gently to get rid of the grey for some time, so I took the plunge. " Go for it."

She's done a very good job and paid attention to my hair care car windows to dry hair on the way to work, maybe use fingers to brush hair at week-end, maybe not, be able to get hair ready to open door to the police with fingers due to neighbours complaining about #4 (or most recently the cat). She gently pointed out that a tomato soup colour may be a step too far initially.

I'm very pleased with the results. Homer less so, " If I'd wanted to marry some one with short hair I'd have married a man." Girl child, "You need some new clothes now." This last is a double edged sword, it means that 1. She is prepared to be seen with me in public and 2. She wants some new clothes....see previous post on taking girl child shopping for clothes.

The main problem is that now I may have to do something about my eyebrows. The hairdresser offered to wax them, and I said yes, but left quickly when she forgot. Threading seems to be out having read the memsahib. My tweezers are looking at me accusingly as I sit typing this. I am hoping that they "get lost" while I am busy. The chances of this are high as #4 is eyeing them up to hold the small bolts he took out of his highly expensive remote controlled car. To his dismay this stopped it working so he is attempting to fix it.

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