Friday, August 22, 2008

No-one will let me watch....

It's official, I'm the only person in the world who hasn't seen Usain Bolt's 200m run in the Beijing Olympics. I was at work for the final, I missed the replay, and the world has moved on.

I tried to find it on you tube, and kept getting redirected to porn sites. What's that about? (And the one site that wasn't porn was a Croatian travel documentary.) I tried the world news services. The BBC wouldn't let me watch because I was outside their area, the Americans wanted to install spy ware on my computer and the Australian sites only had videos of every Australian medal in recorded history.

I shall watch the 4x100 and hope no-one drops the baton before his turn. Croatia looked nice though.

PS It was too quiet after I sent #3 and #4 to bed the other night. #3 had shut #4 in the wardrobe. This is not the way things normally work, #3 is usually the victim. Maybe living close to #4 is teaching him a few tricks, ones I'd rather he didn't know. Number 4 was working on getting out though, he'd unscrewed the wardrobe door, but then it had jammed in the hole. At least I got to find the screwdriver after I'd rescued him.


storyteller said...

I'm seriously sleep deprived due the the Olympics. I’m sorry you missed the two world record setting races. The second was better than the first because he was obviously running for the record and didn’t ‘celebrate’ before crossing the finish line as he did in the first race. Hope you got to see the relay as it was wonderful too.
Hugs and blessings,

Eve said...

I finally got to see the 200 before the 4x100 yesterday. Mind blowing but I can't help but think he could actually go faster.