Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Self improvement: attempt 2

In a massive fit of optimism I joined a weight loss program. I shall only post the results if they are good.

So far I had to fill in a questionnaire that included the question:

Only answer this if you are a woman: Are you pregnant? Y N

I was tempted, sorely tempted...I suspect if you were a man and answered it yes then they would be seeking to make money off you, or if you attempted to answer it you perhaps couldn't understand the program?

The program joining was part of my LSM (less slummy mummy) campaign. So far I have the hair and the good intentions. I am short the body, the clothes and the children. I am quite sure that non-slummy mummy's don't spend a fair percentage of their time dealing with my children. In fact yummy mummys probably only have to deal with the likes of #3, DVD king, and have a nanny to do that.

I am just aiming for less slummy, now what exactly is that smell and where is #4 in relation to it.

Later edit: Must go WW3 just broke out, #3 and #4 were fighting and one threw something at the computer screen and broke it..."it was him, it was him, he did it, it was him......" Silence as they realise mum hasn't come to adjudicate, she has come to punish. Two small boys are now in bed, very quiet. Actually too quiet, BRB.


Anonymous said...

Quiet enough to suggest that #4 is up to something??

slh35661 said...

Just read "Raising number 4": Funny funny funny! It makes my one boy and one girl seem very tame growing up. My boy just liked to feed the VCR crackers, and my daughter liked to put her boogers on the wall next to the bed thinking I would never find them (it was pretty gross by the time I did).
Good luck on the tune-up on the ol' bod'.

Eve said...

Boogers by the bed, yuck, But I paused and checked #4's wall bedside wall before I wrote that.

slh35661 said...

This is how we learn to parent...from other parents moments of horror at finding things like boogers by the bed and sharing the story. Kids just think we are all knowing. That is until they are teenagers and then think we are suddenly dumber then dirt.