Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The revenge of #4

I have a house full of teenagers at the moment. The girlchild has her boyfriend over, and there is a small gang of teenage girls visiting #1. One (or maybe more) of them may be his girlfriend. He doesn't seem clear on this, but then he is not clear on much. The house is full of shifty looking youths and inappropriately dressed girls. I believe this is the normal appearance of teenagers.

Number four is a little put out by their presence, they are disrupting his disruptive activities, and he thinks one of them has his hammer. (Number 3 hasn't noticed, none of them have walked between him and his Stargate DVD.)

I was keeping a loose eye on the gang as they lurked in my back room, and realised I was one down, a male child, #2's boyfriend is missing. I walked up the corridor towards the back of the house and could here a faint voice, " Help me, help me please."

"Who is this? Where are you?"
"It's me, I'm stuck in the toilet."

Number four had loosened the handle on the inside of the toilet door, obviously he still has a screwdriver hidden somewhere. Next teen in had shut the door and the handle had come off in his hand. He was torn, should he try and fix it, cry for help, would "It wasn't me" work?, would we speak to him again? would he be allowed to see #2?, would we believe he hadn't done it? But worst and most horrible of all, All his mates were there, would they laugh at him?

Note to self: find screwdriver.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic. Your #4 deserves a TV show in his own right!

slh35661 said...

This is an homage to an advertisement for a credit card here in the U.S.A.:

Screw driver.....$5
Door handle......$15
Teenager stuck in your toilet being humiliated at having to ask you, his girlfriend's mother, for help to get out..........priceless!

Eve said...

Maybe I should sell the idea to the card company?

P.s. I did let the boy out.