Friday, October 3, 2008


Tonight saw the Taipans (my team) soundly beaten by the Tigers. (Actually I don't think the score line reflected just how hard the Tigers had to work for the win.) The night brought a couple of good one liners from the commentary team as always, including, "The ref is checking to see if his balls are soft." And I thought I had some unpleasant tasks in my job!

We also got to see the Chris Anstey death stare. His is a face that can only be described as , well, rugged. He is 213cm tall (7 feet). He got called for his fourth foul in the first half and gave the referee what can only be called a laser death stare. I, a ninja master of the laser death stare, (also known as the Paddington hard stare after Paddington Bear) was impressed. This was a laser death stare with knobs on.

The referee, of course, has special anti-death-stare armour. The crowd behind the referee were not so fortunate and great swathes of them fell back in horror as Anstey glared at the ref. Frail old ladies had to be removed and smelling salts administered .

Of course one of the joys of watching the Tapians this year is Dave Thomas, who proves that good looking men do come from Canada. (I, of course, go for the sport.)


Millennium Housewife said...

You see over here we have cricket, driving with Husband the other day he was in hysterics. The commentator had updated them all on the pigeon that had been pecking about the pitch all day. This time it had pecked at the wicket. I will never ever understand a game that can last a week and still end in a draw, one where the commentator is bored he commentates on a pigeon. Give me basketball anyday,it was basketball you were talking about wasn't it? MH

Eve said...

There is a chance I can explain cricket to you (faint).....try

it shows you that cricket is not in fact a game designed to be won, lost or understood, but simply to happen.