Thursday, October 16, 2008

Can't blog...

Can't blog, arms tied to sides with invisible iron bands.

I blame the personal trainer. Sorry, personal dominatrix. My last session was at 6am on Wednesday (Did you know there is a six in the morning? I'd quite forgotten about it since the children learnt to turn the cartoon network on by themselves.)

I paid, yes paid, this woman to push me just past my limits. It was a clever ploy on her part. I felt great when I left , bouncing and full of the joys of the newly energised. Of course by the time I'd worked until eight Wednesday night and then got up again this morning I couldn't move my arms from my sides. Washing my hair hurt this morning. I've heard people say that following a gym session and thought, Pshaw, or something like that. But I have sunk that low, I am so unfit that the lateral raise jobbies or whatever have left my chest muscles so sore that my arms are effectively clamped to my sides. ( I looked like some sort of muppet as I hunched about at work, typing without moving my arms.)

Homer's stomach hurts, I thank my lucky stars that she hasn't started on my abs yet. I promise faithfully to myself to do some cardio before I see her again on Monday. I hope to bargain for a less tiring session by being able to say that I have done my cardio. I'll point at Homer meaningfully and say, "But he hasn't", thereby deflecting her attention to him and allowing me to skulk about at the back of our class of two. All's fair in love and avoiding punishment in an exercise class.


Anonymous said...

I am very impressed. You must have been doing some serious physical jerks to be feeling like that!

It is ironic that the stuff that is good for us makes us feel so damn broken.

Keep going!!

slh35661 said...

I started working out with a trainer about 3 years ago. I do it 2 time a week. I started out very slowly and built up. I had a bad back and I was worried I would be limiting my working years if I didn't do something about it. It was the best decision I have ever made. It costs money to be sure, but my husband doesn't give me flack about it when I say I need 500 dollars now to pay the trainer, because we have to compare this cost for 24 lessons to my income over the same time frame. No comparrison. I know I wouldn't go to the gym or work as hard at it if I didn't have someone to be accountable to. I have an appointment and I keep it. If it was up to me I would come up with every excuse not to go to the gym. Just keep at it. You will find that if you keep it up regularly you won't be as sore. I rarely get sore like that now unless we change up my workout in some way. Now I get very mild soreness for the next 24 hours if it was a good workout. said...

ah the pain just means its working - honest! keep it up!

tsduff said...

HI there = here via the black box :)

I'm jealous of your exercise... but happy that I'm not in pain like you are. I need to get into shape again.

Oh, and I love your froggy below :)