Monday, October 13, 2008

Self improvement

I went and did it, I went a joined a gym. It was the assessment today which I thought was great fun. I'd made Homer join with me because he's, well , very large and we did the assessment together.

I loved it and was ready to rock after half an hour. Homer was ready for someone to come and poke his lungs back up his nose with a stick. He is slightly, no actually he is a lot, more unfit than I am.

It is now six hours later and I'm feeling, I have to admit it a little stiff. I have told Homer so he can laugh at me, as I laughed at him before.

We mulched the entire garden at the week-end so we can't be that unfit! I also planted a fig tree in my jungle area and the pomegranate is flowering. We are doing quite well from the garden at the moment, eating beans, bok choy, silver beet and spinach from it. The problem is the quantities are not up there so I need to put more work in and plant more stuff.

Number four sends his love to his fans. He is at present building a racing car in the back yard from pieces of old timber and some chain he found. He was inspired by Scrap Heap Challenge. Number three disparagingly commented that there is no motor. Number four replied that the car was for going down hills, fast, very fast. Would number three like to be test pilot? Number three walked off in a huff, but now he's back and they are both building it together in the dark in the back-yard. I'm just nipping out to check that it's not my car wheels that they're using.


Berthddu Suit said...

Well done you for going to the gym!! I tend to do sporadic exercises at home!

Good to hear the boys doing something practical too, too many kids spend too much time in front of the telly! Good for them.

Chimera said...

Black boxed here..hello! I love your blog. I cannt get over the pigeons in paper bags! Wonderful! I loved the frog too and fascinated with your garden. I moved from Zambia and the continous munching of termites to Cambridge UK and clay soil with builder's rubble. ho hom. Will be back!