Saturday, October 4, 2008

The mojo returns....embarrassing moments...

I reboiled my jam and it set. The relief.

I had made six jars of jam, that ended up as syrup. By the time I went to reboil the jam there were four and a half jars left, so the syrup was all right then? I could have just left it alone, but I had something to prove, to myself at least.

Self worth as measured in ability to set jam? I am getting sad in my old age.

On a lighter note, I was showing the girls at work the picture of Dave Thomas on the previous post this morning when a very attractive lady came in. I served her, and it was obvious she had some sort of North American accent. She saw my computer screen and made some passing comment about the picture. " Oh, that's Dave Thomas ," I said, " We were discussing how hot he is."

The consult continued and then I needed to label something. "Your surname please?"


Yup that's right.


slh35661 said...

I don't know who Dave Thomas is in your world...but in America we think of the now deceased owner of a fast food restaurant Wendy's. He was an overweight man who was often seen in his own commercials advertising for he hamburger chain. I imagine she was thinking, "I new there was something funny about these people. Now I know they think Dave Thomas is hot." Look him up and I think you will have a good laugh. Now who is the Dave you are talking about?

Eve said...

LOL, Our dave Thomas plays basketball for our local team, and for Canada.