Sunday, October 5, 2008

Red flowers in the garden

I was a little down this morning. My garden is a never ending task of monumental proportions that never seems to get anywhere. Then I stopped and smelt the coffee as they say. I considered what the site of our house looked like a bare four years ago.

In addition to it appearing like a barren wasteland it actually was a barren wasteland. There was not a single earthworm on the property, and the first cucumbers I planted all flowered and I got not a single cucumber due to the amazing lack of insects. Actually there were biting insects, just not pollinating ones

The first task was to introduce organic matter, which was easy , we just kept mowing. After the great famine of 2004, I realised that I had no insects and introduced some flowers. I have no idea what the top picture shows, except that it is a bulb.

The exotic hibiscus were the next to survive. Laurence Llewlyn-Bowen (get a shorter name) maintains that if you pour champagne over hibiscus flowers the flowers open for virgins. I maintain they look pretty and grow with no need for any maintenance whatsoever of any kind, except the occasional bout of homicidal pruning. Water poured over the fresh flowers make a sweet hibiscus tea that is very refreshing, hot or cold and apparently reduces blood pressure and cholesterol levels. You can make the tea from fresh or dried flowers, and I am lucky enough to have a totally organic fresh source in my back garden.


ChrisY said...

I like hibiscus flower and it is my garden plant.But I don't know it can make hibiscus tea and it can reduce blood pressure and cholesterol level.

Berthddu Suit said...

Wow you have done well with your garden if that is what you started with. I hope the Hibiscus tea works for you, and how nice to be able to make it straight from the garden.

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

I am a rubbish gardener but love flowers. One day I'll get around to growing a few here and there, scented one's of course.

Max Firmin said...

Bees absolutely love lavender and rosemary. Also both are droubt tolerant, smell nice and you can eat the rosemary! That should solve your insect dearth and wasteland problem.

Good Luck

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MM Firmin