Monday, September 15, 2008

Black box it

On the right ( I think, right and left always been a bit of a mystery to me quite frankly,) is a box/ make a choice. By clicking on it you get choices which eventually lead you to a point where you put in your own or white? Fish or chips? ak47 or oozi?, actually the last one probably isn't in there, yet. ( It is now, I put it in.) Then you go to a mystery blog to read it, after inputting your own url.

I know that one of the worst things about reading blogs is some of the dross you have to read to find a good one so this seemed like a fun way of searching. I'll still find dross but I'm having a lot of fun with the whole asking questions thing, and finding some fun blogs too.

To add the widget yourself the code is here

1 comment:

auntiegwen said...

I chose bad guy over nice guy and sex over sleep but that's not really a reflection on me, honest !

Hope your non smoking things going okay

Love from a fellow Celt x