Sunday, September 14, 2008

When you don't think you can sink any further...

This isn't about me, I just read a very moving piece on the Menopausal Old Bag's blog, along the lines of "Life gets you down, and then gives you a good kicking just to be sure you stay there."

It reminded me of one of the more recent examples of this principle that I have come across personally.

A gentleman came in with a prescription for a testosterone injection. Quite a popular item in our shop as one of the doctors next door "does" male hormones. The customer is a little younger than usual for this, but not a huge amount. He wants a fair bit of information as he has used the patches before. I oblige, and tell him about the capsules as well, and the reasons we tend to use injections here.

Customer tells me in course of conversation

1. He's from Sydney.
2. He left Sydney because he caught his wife in bed with some one else.
3. Some one else was his best friend
4. He misses his two year old twins
5. His twins aren't his, he has just found out he cannot father children, hence the injection.
6. His best friend isn't the father either, his wife took great delight in telling him that he knows the father, but it's not his best friend, it's one of his other "friends"...ha ha....(Ladies some of us do rather let the side down don't we?)
7. His family know where he is but not why, as one of his brothers may be the said father.

I really really hope the guy is all right as I haven't seen him since.

Still not smoking, attempting to make rest of families life miserable so they can share my suffering.


Jim Bessey said...

ok, my life sounds just fine and dandy in comparison! Hey, good luck with not smoking - good for you! (I'm still trying to get up the nerve to make the decision...sigh)


menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Oh I popped by and found your link to my blog! I am humbled! I loved your post of the no smoking but felt guilty at laughing at your dry wit as it is so serious a topic! All the best with the health kick and it does get better after a while - we gave up the weed 3.5 years ago. I'm a lardy arse now but getting that sorted too!

Anonymous said...

You're right. It kind of puts things in perspective. But it doesn't make your health scare any less scary and it doesn't make my lardiness any less lardy. It does however give me a kick up the a*se to get a move on and do something about it because I can. I feel for this guy because there isn't a lot he can do to see his children and in addition to his own suffering he is trying to protect others and that makes me think he is someone who doesn't deserve this.