Monday, September 29, 2008

My jam mojo

My jam mojo may indeed have deserted me DCS. In fact I may have to remove from you the crown of most domestically challenged of the sisters if I cannot make my jam set, but what to replace my crown with? I lack the shoe and fashion gene which our father passed only to you. ( Our mother lacking this gene as well).

I have read stories about women who can't make jam, or pastry, or grow veggies or knit and sew, and I have shaken my head in disbelief and horror. I make cakes without recipe books or scales and gaily chutnify and jam any spare fruit and veg from the garden and then this. This has never happened to me before (except once, with peach marmalade, and I put that down to the vast quantities of brandy I addded to it "for flavour").

The failure of this jam to set has left me bewildered and bemused. I haven't even gone to the help pages of cookery sites, I cannot face it until an alternative view of reality manages to assert itself.

I have to believe at that point I will "come up with something", I just have to.

Note to DCS: I have put an onion marmalade recipe on the other blog, just in case I can never recover. It is very easy.


slh35661 said...

Ive never had bread MoJo. I can make jam, but not jelly. But one thing I have noticed with the jam making is that I better not do it when I am in a hurry. Then it won't set right. If I take my time things go well.

Anonymous said...

Its a temporary absence of the mojo I am convinced, in much the same way as I have had to use up my temporary baking mojo quickly by baking everything all the time. It will be gone soon enough and we can go back to a balanced diet then. I didn't realise you were the chutney blog too - thanks for the onion marmalade recipe - I will be doing that this weekend.