Thursday, September 25, 2008

Back-yard Camping

My's actually a far richer, deeper red than this, a deep blood red, so I've got to master photoshop or some such program now. Who knew blogging could be such hard work? My husband buys me a cheap digital camera and I start posting photos, now I want to make them good photos, whatever next. Probably a picture where #4 looks angelic....beyond my skills.

Number three and four wanted to camp in the garden last night. Against all my instincts ( silently screaming, NO NO NO NOT EVER EVER NO NO), I agreed.

I told Homer he had to sit up all night by the back door in case he was needed.

Anyway off go #3 and #4 to the tent, complete with sleeping bags, torches, pillows, spare shoes,(a kitchen sink) and yes, I did say spare shoes. My whole family is dysfunctional, including the cat. I blame my sister for the need for two pairs of shoes on a camping trip across the garden that will last at the most eight hours. Before leaving them for the night I did a quick check that there were no lighters, candles or home made rocket launchers in the tent.

Number three fell into a deep and cherubic sleep until the early hours when he came in all warm and toasty and got in his own bed just to finish off the night. Number four lasted about one hour. I asked Homer, " How come #3, who is known as a bit of a wuss, can sleep all night in a tent, but #4, who is the complete rufty-tufty lasts all of an hour?"

" That's easy, number three knows the worst that is out there, it's number four. He's seen his fear and faced it. Number four can only imagine."

Dear DCS: I still maintain that you couldn't decide between your pictures and your jewellery in a house fire as you'd be far to busy deciding which shoes were most appropriate to wear whilst being rescued by a fireman.


Anonymous said...

Homer is wise. All #3 needs to do is cunningly convince #4 that there are plenty of other #4s out there, ready to pounce, and he'll never leave the house again!

Berthddu Suit said...

Aaaw, that's lovely. My kids love to camp in the garden. We have no tent at the moment though. The last time they did it we had to rig up a home made tent from poles and a huge plastic sheet. It was quite good until midnight, when a huge storm broke and the downpour was making a big pool on the sagging roof! I had to drag them inside with lightning crashing around us!!

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

I loved doing that as a child. Mum would even let us cook breakfast on our old primus stove. Noting better than el fresco bacon sandwiches!

Your a good mum to let them camp out like that - great childhood memories for them.

Anonymous said...

I'd burn and be found in front of a mirror caught in a pose of shoe evaluation. How come I/we didn't know there was an option to come back in when we went/were sent to camp in the field in between the man-eating pigs and the bogey man? Camp coffee was aces though.