Monday, September 22, 2008

More fruit trees

I just put my avocado tree in the garden from its hiding place under the shade cloth at the side of the house. Now we wait to see if the burning sun kills it, or it decides to thrive.

It seems strange to matter of factly talk about planting an avocado tree when I hadn't even tasted real avocado until seven years ago. Avocados don't ripen until you pick them from the tree so the tree acts as a kind of larder. If you don't pick the fruit it stops producing more fruit, so you get a supply and demand situation going on, hopefully.

I have also ripped out the tomato tree, I am enjoying eating the tomatos but I can't preserve the excess in any useful way because it is all cherry tomatoes. I make lots of chutney etc, but really, life's too short to skin and de seed cherry tomatoes, and the yield is way too small per tomato. Never fear, I have back up bushes of Roma and yellow tomatoes just coming on.

The chickens are a little put out at the vast quantities of ripe and semi-ripe tomatoes they have just been presented with. (The neighbours have long since started slamming doors in my face as they see me approach with my tomato bucket.)


menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

I'm up late and thought I'd pop along to read your blog. Very vey entertaining and a great writing style.

About Me: said...
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GreenJello said...

Ah, the black box has sent me to two different blogs... yours had the question, and the other had an answer for your cherry tomato dilemma:

Kath said...

I see greenjello has beat me to it with one suggestion ... There's a great roasted cherry tomato pasta recipe on our blog that freezes well. Kath

Eve said...

Thank-you both. Freezer now looking decidely red at one end.