Saturday, September 27, 2008

Not a happy cat

This is a cat with a problem, her servants. (Cats don't have owners, they have servants who look after the houses they live in and feed them.) Her servants have fixed a large bell to her collar to replace the small one that previously warned birds of her approach. She didn't really mind small birds flying away. What is bothering her is that the larger bell can be heard clearly by the blind shitzu from next door. Today she had an "incident" with the shitzu when she went to tap it on the butt and it heard her coming.

It has heard her coming before but been a little confused about what was going on. Finally the dog has worked out that the tinkling noise of the bell is associated with the claws in the butt, and the provision of a larger bell gives it more warning. One of the cat's main sources of amusement has been removed, for now.

This is a cat with attitude, and the attitude at the moment is a bad one. She will have to add this to the long list of grievances she has against her servants, and come the revolution they will be the first against the wall.

She may let the butler off. Now hold on every one this is a bit sickening, but true. This cat comes and pokes her ear onto my husband's toe. She keeps doing this until he wriggles his toe in her ear. She presses her ear against his foot as he wriggles his toe. I feel sick.


menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Cats are cheeky buggers. I have one and she rules the flipping roost. Very witty post - glad you spoiled her antics with next door's dog. My old cat had a trick of sticking her claws in my old dogs nuts from time to time. The noise was hellishly frightening and ear splitting as the dog wailed for Britain. She got flattened by a car - fate I think or the dog pushed her in front of it.

Fire Byrd said...

And I thought I had problems with a son with attitude, who also has problems with his servants.On the grounds that she is exhausted Maybe I should put a bell round his neck, it would beat listening to him moaning at me.
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Berthddu Suit said...

Oh lord, she does have servants doesn't she. Great solution to the Shitzu problem! I'm glad the cat isn't giving up smoking too!

Eve said...

MOB: I'm glad my cat isn't the only one that torments dogs. I'd always had the suspicion that the dogs chasing cats thing had a basis in retaliation.

FB: may attach bell to #1. Just to testif he moves at the week-ends

BS: cat may be going through nictone withdrawal on a second hand smoke basis, which would explain the expression on her face here.