Friday, September 26, 2008

Still not smoking

I'm still not smoking. Smoking is still looking very attractive to me, very attractive indeed.

I was talking to a lady in the shop today about how I had just given up. (I've not turned into an anti smoking bore, she asked me, and therefore asked for it....) I was relating the sniffing story and the way I had disconcerted my fellow shopper in the supermarket by inhaling so deeply next to her.

A stifled giggle later I look over at the next customer in line. He was nodding wisely. " I nearly got arrested," he said. Unthinkingly, he had followed some poor woman out of a shop as she lit up. He followed her almost to her car, veering off with only nanoseconds between him and a stalking charge.

" So, how long until it smells bad to me again?" I asked imploringly.

" Ooh, twenty, thirty years."

Pleeeeeeeeeeeese someone tell me this will get better. Also my family would like to know it gets better, as would the cat, the chickens, and the neighbours. I am grumpy, very grumpy. Actually, I am grumpy, but I was a homicidal maniac so maybe its getting better? ( Any-one want to argue with me about that? uh? uh? come on then.)


menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

It certainly does get better, no doubt about it. I was a thirty a day gal and have been stopped for almost four years. I love the smell of smoke and will gladly open the pub window to get a dose of thick ehaled smoke from the glut of smokers congregated outside the window - fab! But I don't want to smoke, I just love the pong! Chin up, you'll do it.

Lily Sheehan said...

I quit 4 and a half years ago and do not miss it at all. I must admit I sometimes miss the social aspect of it (when I'm the only one sat in the pub while everyone goes out for a smoke) but I do not crave cigarettes at all. Just remind yourself why you gave up and what the benefits are. (More money, less wrinkles for me). If you need a fix try a shisha pipe. Its not addictive and smells lovely and also gives you a nice little buzz.
Whisked here by the BB btw

Anonymous said...

I don't miss smoking at all even though I found it hard to give up and loved the smell of second hand smoke for a while. Pretty soon I got a buzz from the complete freedom that not smoking gives me and also sadly began to hate the smell of other peoples smoke - I say 'sadly' because now I hate it so much I have to move away from smoking people because it smells nasty to me. Looks like there is a variety of responses. You're doing well and its not this hard forever.