Sunday, September 7, 2008

It's not funny when it's me...

Knock, Knock,

"Oh Hi PC X, just calling in for a cuppa while you're in the neighbourhood?"

"Er, no, I'm, mm," cough, barely stifled laugh, " I'm here on official business."

"Really, number 4 has been with me all weekend? Are you sure?"

"Umm, " very unmanly giggle, " it's about the cat."


"One of your neighbours says that your cat is bullying their dog."

It was too much for him, he just burst out laughing. I looked behind him to see his partner barely standing upright such was the effort he was putting in to not laughing. He was literally holding his stomach in pain.

"I don't know you do I?" I responded trying to maintain my dignity.

" Oh er yes" he said, " I came when the little tucker set the house on fire."

Swift deflation. Apparently the cat's teasing of the blind shitzu next door has been noticed, and complained about. I was just about to get right up there on my high horse about police matters and non-police matters, and the fact that the dog is allowed to wander the neighbourhood, putting it right in the cats way, when I heard a strange strangled noise from the fence. Glancing over I see the next door neighbour turning purple in an effort not to laugh.

Hurrumph. Slow day obviously.

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slh35661 said...

Your house must the the talk of the town. You are so generous to share your very funny stories. It makes my day to laugh with you.