Thursday, September 18, 2008

Why does everybody like olives?

Not an incredibly important question I know but it bugs me. I live in an area with a huge Greek/ Italian population. In the local supermarket they don't have a salad bar, but they do have an olive bar with, I kid you not, twenty different varieties of olives of different colours, stuffings, etc etc. The oil section of the supermarket has at least three bays of different olive oils.

I hate olives. I can taste even the smallest amount of anything olive-like in my food, even if olive oil was used to fry something.

In this I am unique, it seems, in the world. I watch Jamie Oliver prepare a meal and think, " That looks nice, I might try that," and then he pours olive oil on it, and I shudder. (I do have a theory that if his Olive oil was taken off him he would run around in circles, unable to cook, gibbering until he just collapsed in an exhausted heap of anxiety, he puts it on everything. My challenge to you, Jamie...cook a meal without even touching the bottle of olive oil, ah ah, not even as a dressing afterwards.)

I have decided that my hatred of olives in genetic. I think there is possibly not one single molecule of Mediterranean DNA in my being. I am Celtic through and through and olives, as we all know, are not known for growing well in Scotland or Cornwall.

Why does everybody love olive oil? Or is it just one of those taboos that no-one has told me about, a sort of political correctness, and you're just not allowed to admit that you can't stand them.


slh35661 said...

I rolled with laughter at the shark posting. Had my husband laughing as well as I read it aloud to him. Ahhh...nice way to end the day.
What is the Black Box thing? I am not up to speed on this.

Mom de Plume said...

HI, the Black Box brought me here. I have to say that I am one of everybody who LOVES Olives. Only in the last few years though. I had them stuffed with something or other and was sold!

Only like the green ones though and can empathise with anyone who doesn't like them at all. I spent years acquiring the taste as I envied all those olive lovers who enjoyed them as a sundowner with their G&T!

pantypants said...

i found this by doing a search for olives + taste + genetic because i am also convinced my hatred for olives is genetic. seriously. Everyone Loves olives but i can't stand them. which is strange because i am not a picky eater at all. i like most things and am willing to try most things. i wish i liked them and try them every so often hoping it will change, but it doesn't. i can actually stand olive oil though, so maybe you have the extreme genetic variation haha.

Eve said...

I'm just glad that there is some-one else in the known universe that doesn't like them.

It's lonely at parties when you're the only one picking the olives off the pizza, and you can still taste them. But there are a lot of people who will eat them for me, even if they do have a "you are a weirdo" look on their face while they do it.