Sunday, September 28, 2008

Strawberry picking

Today we made the journey to the strawberry fields to pick large quantities of strawberries. We left #2 at work and #1 in bed and set off up the long and winding road to the tablelands. The road is known for making vomiters out of even the most stalwart of children so I did pack a change of clothes for #3 and #4.

Sure enough #4 started immediately. " #3 were you sick last time you came up here?".
" No." says #3.
"Are you sure?"
Retching and heaving noises from #4. " Do you feel sick now?"
More retching noises, "now?"
More heaving noises (and a smacking noise, but that was me with my shoe).
More retching and heaving noises from #4 followed by the real thing from #3. Ha ha ha from #4 and he settles down to watch the tops of the trees pass by below us. (It's a very steep and windy road.)

I distract #3 by telling him that we are going to pick strawberries. Possibly his most favourite thing in the whole world, next to chocolate. Dip a strawberry in chocolate and there is very little he won't do for you. #3 announces sadly that he won't be able to pick or eat any strawberries, what with being sick and all, removes his pants, and lies down on the floor of the car.

Number four asks number three to put his pants back on. "I throw up if I sit down when I'm wearing pants." announces #3. Nonplussed silence from the other three members of the party.

We arrived at the strawberry picking place and #3 was out of the car like a bullet out of a gun (thankfully pausing to put on clean pants and t-shirt) and onto the fields madly eating and picking. Not sick any more then?

We picked vast quantities of strawberries and returned home. (Thankfully #3 restrained himself from vomiting on the way back down, what with all the strawberries and everything.) He did however remove his pants, due to the whole can't wear pants and sit down without vomiting thing. I must check with the school about that next week.....

I have now made batch one of what will probably be several batches of strawberry jam. Number 2 has returned from work, and #1 is still in bed. #4 was going to help with the jam but went off the idea when he realised that they all needed hulling and went off for a swim instead. Number three helped by eating some of the strawberries.


Anonymous said...

Ah - the well known pant/vomiting phenomenon.... That'll be interesting as he grows up!
As for strawberry jam - try adding some star anise or lemongrass - rather yummy.

Eve said...

My jam has failed! It didn't set. I can't decide whether to reboil it or just call it strawberrry syrup and make them eat a lot of ice cream and porridge, with strawberry syrup.(seperately nit all in one bowl, though..)
Lemongrass and star anise sound yummy, and I have lemongrass in the garden so batch two...

Anonymous said...

Oh no!! I'd go with the strawberry syrup option if I were you. And then start planning batch 2... Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Has your mojo failed you? Or is jam making not one of the secret ways that women of our family except me have innate skills in? I am waiting to see what has happened with my chutney. Thank you for the recipe. Now I want to make onion marmalade - maybe with rosemary in.

Berthddu Suit said...

Not s funny subject really, I know I have a vomiter, but I couldn't help but giggle all the way through this post! Is there not something they can take before you head out? Sorry your jam didn't work out but I'd love some strawberry syrup!

Eve said...

Ach lassie, that's what washing machines are for. They'd been up there before ok, but #4 was bored and #3 was available, always a deadly combination.
I was more worried about the "pants make you vomit" thing until I realised that in his own way he was just making sure #4 left him alone.
Am about reboil the syrup.